Design text logo in 5 easy steps by using Adobe Illustrator

It’s really very easy to design a simple text logo by using adobe illustrator.

So, We gonna create something like this :

Step 1: Outline your text :

Here is the text outlined.

Step 2: Offset your path:

Go to Object > Path >Offset Path

Enter a negative value in order to make the offset “inside” the original.

Click OK and there Illustrator does all the work for you.

Step 3: Fill your new path with white

Your new offset path should still be selected after you clicked OK, so now is the perfect time to make your fill. I used white, generally the universal “glossy” color.

Step 4:  Make your cut

With the rectangle tool, make a white rectangle that covers the part of the reflection you would like to remain visible.

Now, this is why I used a “white” rectangle. with the square still selected, go to Select>Same>Fill Color, and you will have selected everything you need for the cut.

Hit the “Crop” button in the Pathfinder window to get rid of all the paths that are outside of the rectangle. (Window>Pathfinder)

Our new look has now been made.

Step 5: Adjust the opacity

Lastly you will get something like this at the final stage.