Optimize the speed of your WordPress site

WordPress is a great platform but One if it has a weakness it suffers from,it is that it is usually quite slow.
Without taking the right measurements, you could end up with a sluggish site that will not only be a hassle for repeat visitors, but will most certainly lose you subscribers and customers due to the impatient nature of web browsers.

I will optimize your WordPress Site ( Which in turn will improve your Google Ranking) by the employing the following Proven methods:

>> optimize your images without hurting Quality
>> optimize template code
>> clean up css
>> minify HTML , css, js
>> Install and configure caching scripts
>> Database cache
>> Browser Cache
>> Object cache
>> Use Google page speed provided rule.
>> Use CDN for quick content delivery (MaxCDN or Cloud flare or your CDN Server)
>> Check for anything malicious on your pages
>> Disable hotlinking and leeching of your content
>> Adjust Gravatar images (optional)
>> Add LazyLoad
>> Control the amount of post revisions stored
>> Turnoff all Pingbacks
>> Instal Plugins to help speed up your site
>> Give you advice on making homepage load quicker and adjust if necessary

We will perform before and after tests to prove the results.